Russian Food: are You Ready?

This very Englishman asked us to inform you about Russian food you are going to eat here. This is what we are going to dwell upon today.

Russian people are very anxious about food. The former Soviet Union joined together 15 nations and we all know various national dishes. We know both their names (that are often hard to pronounce:)) and the way of cooking. Once my fellow guy bet with an Italian chef that he would cook a better pizza than this Italian guy. It was a real event highlighted by mass media!:) As a result my fellow lost the bet because he couldn’t know that the chef could cook much better than what he did in his café! He had neither time nor desire to work doing all his best for mass production!:)))
Indeed, Russian people like both cooking and eating. Almost all our women are excellent cookers because they learn in the family first, then – at school, then – competing with their girlfriends (who’s the best cooker?:))

Here is the story. One of our former translators came to visit us not so long ago. She lives in States now and perhaps, some of you remember her. Her name’s Indira. She is a wonderful and friendly person. She married an American guy. We asked her about everything, including American food. You know what she said? She has cooked meals herself twice for the whole year of staying there! It sounds fantastic for any Russian woman! We cook at least twice a day (breakfast and dinner), sometimes – lunch. On weekends we spoil our close people with something tasty (some baking for example). Twice a year is incredible! However, the majority of Russian people cannot afford restaurants so often. Our average salary is 150$ and a dinner at a restaurant costs at least 20$. russian store

So, it is much cheaper to cook food on your own in Russia. By the way, ask your sweetheart about her favorite dish and I’m sure she will be happy to tell you about her cooking specialty!:)

So, what do we usually eat? (I hope, guys, you’ve had your meal already or we warm up your appetite!)

Breakfast. There are people who prefer to avoid breakfast at all or drink a cup of coffee. But they are not numerous and I’m not one of them:) In general, we eat eggs, porridges, sausages, macaronis, pancakes, milk products like cottage cheese, cheese, sandwiches, flakes and… perhaps, some remains of yesterday dinner. Our breakfast gives us energy till lunch. It is well known that the period from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. is the best time for working. So breakfast is very important.

Lunch. It usually consists of three dishes and a drink that are a salad, soup, the main dish and some juice (or compote, tea, mineral water, etc.).

Dinner – salads, some snack and the main dish (meat or fish with vegetables, rice, macaroni and so on as garnish). Perhaps, wine or beer… or something stronger:)
What Russian food do you know? Cabbage soup (shchi), red-beet soup (borsch), ravioli (pelmeni), caviar (ikra), pies (pirozhki), pancakes (blini)? If you know at least some of them you are quite ready to visit Russia! 🙂

If you don’t feel like eating traditional Russian food don’t be scared of starving in Russia! For example, in Kazan there are a lot of restaurants and cafes where you can try Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Georgian, European and Indian food. Besides, we have MacDonald’s where you can eat American food. Oh, just don’t beat me, American guys…:)))

Design and Build Houses – The Pre-Requisites You Need to Keep in Mind

Almost every person, living in any part of the world, nurtures an innermost desire to design and build their own house one day. However, like most other things, this is easier said than done. Designing a house and building it is an extensive process that needs a lot of thinking. It is important to remember that this is going to be, most likely, a once-in-a-time event.


While most of them set out to design and build their own houses, not all of them are successful. Why is it that some realize their dream while some others fail to create their imagination? Well, the answer is pretty simple. People who taste success in this endeavor are the ones who put in good amount of time and effort in planning every stage of house construction.

There are a few perquisites to be borne in mind by every person who desires to design and build their house. Let us take a quick look at what those pre-requisites are.


This is by far the most important part of construction. You will have to find the best location to put up construction. When you purchase land for construction purposes, ensure you have all the necessary legal papers for the property. This is very important because there are some scheming people in the world who dupe unwitting buyers looking for land to put up construction. When you have the papers handy, get them verified by your real estate attorney. Once you get the papers verified and are convinced that all is fine, you are ready to move on to the next step.

Type of house

The next step is to decide on the type of house that you would like to build. There are a number of types to choose from. Ranging from stone to wood to environment friendly houses, decide on the one that you would like to design and build. Keep in mind the location where you are putting up construction before deciding on the type of house. For example, if you are building a house in Japan, opting to construct a stone house is a bad idea since the region is prone to earthquakes.

Design your house

The next step is to formulate the design for the house you are planning to build. You can either do it yourself or you can engage professional architects who can draw up a plan based on your specifications. Either ways, ensure that you put a lot of thought into the design since this will form the basis of construction. Though you may be able to make minor changes to the design, once the construction commences, the incorporation of major changes will be ruled out.